Princess Update, Dinner Edition

Just finished a nice writing session – added nearly 2k words, and I’m almost to the end of Act I. This scene should be shortish, but then the last one’s longer. We’ll see if I finish it tonight.

I’m getting hungry though – dinner time.  As evidenced by my stomach and also by the last paragraph I wrote:

Roast beef, she thought, mouth watering as the image rose in her mind. Pidgeon pie, chicken in orange sauce, sharp cheese. She sighed. And fresh berries, and pecan pie, and – oh! I would die for some chocolate.

Time to take  break then, and replenish.

Ruh Roh

The end of scene 9. Bria and Kel are in trouble…

They turned a corner, and Kel stopped suddenly. Bria bent over, hands on her knees, gasping for breath. Their path was blocked by a door. Kel tugged at it, but it did not move.
“Bria, come help me.”
Even their combined efforts failed to move the door. It groaned, but did not open.
Kel stood, panting, hands on hips. “Well, shit.”
Bria wiped the sweat from her forehead with a dirty sleeve. “Try again?”
“Oh, pretty, pretty princesses.” The voice startled her. Bria whirled around. Behind them, blocking their only means of escape, was a soldier with a scraggly black beard and a sickening smile. Bria felt Kel stiffen beside her.

“That won’t work,” said the man. “We nailed it shut.”

It Feels Good to be Writing Again

They weren’t regular playing cards, she saw. The backs were a deep purple, overlaid with a black cobweb pattern. Silver writing glittered against the dark colors, spelling out—

            “Spiderwebs,” said Kat. “Is that the name of the game?”
 Scene 1 is done! Working on Scene 2 today, in which our heroines first meet the Spider Queen – sort of – at the grocery store.

“You must have put it in your pocket and forgotten about it,” Kat repeated.
I didn’t, Charlie thought. I definitely didn’t.


I had a very interesting dream last night. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but there were some interesting elements. And then I woke up – or semi-woke up – but I was still sort of in a daydreaming mood. And then I was kind of  plotting an entire short story.

No description yet, but have some photos:


And so it begins…

“Her Royal Highness, Kelisin Adira Melisse Ellora Peronell, Princess of the Blood!” The herald’s staff pounded on the flagstones.

Kelisin grimaced. “Princess of the Blood” was such an ugly title, but — as everyone loved to remind her — this birthday was a special occasion and deserved extra formality.

Trumpets sounded a fanfare and Kelisin stepped through the open doors onto the grand staircase. A thousand candles flickered in their gold candelabras, making the jeweled mass of courtiers below sparkle as their finery caught the light.

If only their conversation sparkled as much as their wardrobe.

And with these words the Great Novel Adventure, Princess Edition, has begun!
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From the Archives: Of Magic, part 1

Written during nerd camp- so summer of 2006. Despite being unfinished, this piece received a fair bit of critique from the instructor and several rewrites.

“We’re not going to make it.”

She could hear the soldiers’ whispers as they marched down the road. Lyssa scowled. It could hardly even be called a road – really more of a dirt track – but it was the most direct route across the Basin, so they had turned away from the Great Road North to march through this Gods-forsaken country.

The whispers continued. “The northern pass is still hundreds of miles away! By the time we get there, Ravenna will have fallen!”

Lyssa glanced back to see if Raoul had heard the whispers – and from the grim set of his mouth it was clear he had. Lyssa surveyed the troops surreptitiously, trying to locate the source of the whispers.

Movement in the ranks of the Third Company caught her eye. “The King’s Mastiffs” had absorbed the soldiers sent by the king of Brantau, a sworn ally to Oloris but known to be fickle in his loyalty. Their leader, a loathsome man Lyssa preferred to avoid, turned to his companions and sneered. “Ah, no! Under our most illustrious general, how could we possibly lose?” The men guffawed, clearly enjoying this joke at her expense.

Lyssa looked down at her saddle, cheeks burning, as these men made a mockery of her command and her own soldiers refused to speak in her defense.

Scowling, she kicked her horse into a gallop, distancing herself from the soldiers and all their mutterings.


  •   I really like this. It could totally be a story about a young girl thrust into command and learning how to earn respect instead of act like a surly teenager.
  •  On the other hand, I could very easily adapt this for the middle of Princess.
  • In other news, a protag whose name doesn’t start with A or K!

From the Archives: Story Description

Typed into a word document which was rescued from the Great Hard Drive Crash of  2010. Date of the original document is unknown, but most likely 6th grade (2004-5).

Arianna has always been good at finding things, especially things she’s “tagged”—marked with magic she didn’t know she had. When a stranger passing through the village discovers Arianna and her magic, he takes her back to the palace to train with the High Wizard—a powerful and ambitious man Arianna can’t bring herself to trust. When the prince himself goes missing Arianna thinks the High Wizard is to blame, so she sets off to find the prince and expose the High Wizard as the traitor he is. Thrown into a world of plots and revolutions she never knew existed, Arianna must race against time and the High Wizard to save the kingdom she loves.


  • Surprisingly well-written synopsis for a twelve year old.
  • I would probably change “High Wizard”; it’s a bit…uncreative 🙂
  • I actually really want to write this now.