Penguins in Bowties are Ridiculously Adorable

Ok, time to stop procrastinating and actually write a blog post! As promised, I’ll discuss 750 words. Earlier today I kind of had the feeling that I’d already mentioned this site, but I couldn’t find the blog post so I assume I either imagined it or mentioned it only in passing.

So the basic idea is that you write 750 words a day. You get points for writing every day, for being on a streak, etc. And you get cute badges. It’s basically an incentive to actually write every day. And I have it set so that it sends me annoying emails every day, nagging me to write.

It is sort of more intended as a journaling tool, so although it has all these cool stats some of it is not terribly relevant. For instance, it tells you whether you’re writing more about the past, present, or future. Now, for me that’s pretty stupid to analyze because I’m writing fiction, in the past tense.

I also wonder how I manage to be “feeling mostly self-absorbed” when for the most part I’m writing in third person…

One of the stats that I do find particularly helpful is the senses one. It shows whether you’re focusing mostly on touch, sight, or hearing. For me, that’s an incredible boon because I still have a lot of trouble balancing that.

The one thing that really bothers me about the site is that you can’t access or edit your previous entries. Now, I understand why no editing makes sense for a journal, so I won’t complain about that too much. But it’s very difficult to see you previous entries and when you do the font is really small and the formatting is all out of whack.

Now, don’t worry, there’s an option to export previous entries as a txt file, so your precious words are not lost forever. But I find it easier just to copy and paste to a word document before I log out for the day.

In other news tomorrow I am planning to make some fantabulous Harry Potter Butterbeer cupcakes from a recipe on An American Cupcake in London. So excited! Although also a little apprehensive because I never really have time to bake, so I don’t, and the recipe is a little bit complicated for someone of my experience.

That’s ok; that’s why I have friends!

There was something else I wanted to blog about today but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. Sigh.

Well, something else then. I had a revelation today. I learned, not too long ago, that my mother has her credit card number memorized. That makes a lot of sense; she’s been using it for a long time and often has to know the number to order things online, fill out paperwork, etc. I, on the other hand, have only the vaguest idea of what my credit card number is. It looks familiar when I see it but I couldn’t tell you what it is if my life depended on it.

I do, however, have my library card number perfectly memorized. Typical.

The Last Harry Potter

Just saw the last movie. Need to digest that. For a while.

I’ve finished all the books now too, sorry I haven’t been keeping you all more up to date. I’d basically stopped writing because I was spending every second reading, trying to get through all the books before I saw the movie, but now that that’s over I can get going again.

That was a really good movie.

I’m Pregnant…With Cheescake

Didn’t really do much work on the novel today, mostly because I went to the beach and then the Cheesecake Factory – I am SO full now…

Harry Potter’s on hold because Hermione is much slower than I am.

As for the pages, I realize that my last post was not terribly clear. What I mean, if you weren’t sure, is that I’m going to have a separate page for each project I’m working on, up at the top where right now you see “home” and “codenames”. Like (I think) I said before, the pages will have summaries, character lists, maybe excerpts, word counts and updates, etc.

And the last totally random thing I have to say is that I found a link to this series of posts while fooling around on the NaNo forums and they’re really interesting and are renewing my interest in my fantasy which is currently on the backburner…

Harry Potter #2 / Julno Update #3

Sorcerer’s Stone: finished (actually, yesterday)
Chamber of Secrets: waiting for Hermione (yes, another codename) to finish
Prisoner of Azkaban: not started
Goblet of Fire: not started
Order of the Phoenix: not started
Half-Blood Prince: not started
Deathly Hallows: not started

L&O: Vampires

Word count: 3,457
Characters introduced:15
Characters killed: 1 (she was dead when introduced)
Vampires: 4 (Piper, as-of-yet-unnamed clubowner, random vamp couple)
Werewolves: 2 (Corrigan, Reyes)
Humans: 8 (Mallory, rookie, dead girl, security guard, girls at the bar, bartender, receptionist)
Unknown: 1 (Harry Wong, the tech guy. I haven’t decided what he is yet.)

This Will Change Your Life / Harry Potter / Julno Update #2


Also, decided to read all the Harry Potter books again before I go see the movie. I’ll keep you apprised of my progress.

Sorcerer’s Stone: 0/309 pages
Chamber of Secrets: not started
Prisoner of Azkaban: not started
Goblet of Fire: not started
Order of the Phoenix: not started
Half-Blood Prince: not started
Deathly Hallows: not started

And finally,

L&O: Vampires

Word count: 2,375
Characters introduced:12
Characters killed: 1 (she was dead when introduced)
Vampires: 4 (Piper, as-of-yet-unnamed clubowner, random vamp couple)
Werewolves: 1 (Corrigan)
Humans: 7 (Mallory, rookie, dead girl, security guard, girls at the bar, bartender) 

PS love how the excerpt I posted yesterday has already been significantly altered…

Wouldn’t it be cool if I wrote the next Harry Potter?


It wasn’t in the school gym. I didn’t have a date, I didn’t wear a long dress or a corsage, or ride in a limo, or do any of that stuff you’re supposed to do at prom.

It was fun, though.

But it did mean that I spent most of Thursday getting ready, and most of Friday sleeping.

Anyway, right now I’m still working on editing “The Butterfly Effect”; I’m hoping to get that done in a couple of days so version 2.0 can be a sort of graduation present for my friends. I also have to write a “self-reflective paper” about my senior spring – actually that’s due on Monday – so I’d better get cracking.

In our yearbooks we have what’s called a “rag sheet”: for each person there’s dream, reality, heard saying, perfect mate, biggest secret, we leave her, will end up, etc. I just thought I’d share that mine reads: we leave her writing a novel, will end up J.K. Rowling.