Indie Roundups

I’m all for supporting your friendly indie author, but you have to admit that finding the wheat among the chaff is a bit of a challenge. There are tons upon tons of self-published books out there, and some of them are utterly delightful. But some are…crap.

Look, you can accuse traditional publishing of gatekeeping — and it’s true that their business model means that highly experimental or niche books are kept out of the market. But their “gatekeeping” also (arguably) ensures some measure of quality. With self-pub, all that work has to be done by the reader, and it’s exhausting.

With that in mind, I’m thinking of doing a couple of “Indie Roundups”, with self-published or small press titles that I have read and enjoyed, and would recommend. I’ll start with Science Fiction, as for some reason that’s the genre where I’ve had the most success; we’ll go from there. As I post them, I’ll attempt to remember to link back here so that eventually they’re all in one place. Sound good?