Why can’t my name be Faith Hunter?


I love my family. I feel very attached to my family and my heritage, such as it is, and I have no desire to abandon my real last name or reject my family or anything like that. Okay? Great.


If I ever were to publish a book (Ha! That’s a biiiig if), I would probably publish under a pseudonym. Or at least change my last name. Because, honestly, my names don’t go well together. They don’t sound right. I can’t really explain it. But they don’t flow.

Faith Hunter is an awesome name. Although perhaps a bit on the literal side – people already make haha-your-name-is-a-real-word jokes around me (seriously. I’ve heard them all), probably with a real-word last name it would be worse. Also there is already an author named Faith Hunter, which is why I started thinking about all of this in the first place.

This also makes me think about getting married (although that would be a long time into the future)- I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to have my name flow better if that were possible, but I don’t want to change my name when I get married.


A Few Orders of Business

1. College is incredibly busy!
2. There is a lot of reading in college. The reading list will be updated frequently – like today, for instance. Plus I still have to add all of the Spanish short stories.
3. I’ll come back later, because I have another post in my head for today.
4. I made my bed for the first time in about a week. I hope that means Ive turned over a new leaf of organization and productivity and cleanliness..

Wouldn’t it be cool if I wrote the next Harry Potter?


It wasn’t in the school gym. I didn’t have a date, I didn’t wear a long dress or a corsage, or ride in a limo, or do any of that stuff you’re supposed to do at prom.

It was fun, though.

But it did mean that I spent most of Thursday getting ready, and most of Friday sleeping.

Anyway, right now I’m still working on editing “The Butterfly Effect”; I’m hoping to get that done in a couple of days so version 2.0 can be a sort of graduation present for my friends. I also have to write a “self-reflective paper” about my senior spring – actually that’s due on Monday – so I’d better get cracking.

In our yearbooks we have what’s called a “rag sheet”: for each person there’s dream, reality, heard saying, perfect mate, biggest secret, we leave her, will end up, etc. I just thought I’d share that mine reads: we leave her writing a novel, will end up J.K. Rowling.