A Brief Update

I’m taking a momentary break from reading a book about anthropologists while drinking tea out of a mug with a skeleton on it — and if that’s not simultaneously the most English, academic, bioanth thing I’ve ever done I’ll eat my hat — to let you all know what I’ve been up to.

Short answer? Working.

Long answer?

Sometimes life sucks, and sometimes your supervisor wants drafts five months in advance, and sometimes you don’t have the energy to blog when you’re consumed with thoughts of the Neolithic Demographic Transition and its implications for health.

And when I’m not working, I’ve been trying to be a good social primate and interact with actual humans instead of hiding in my room and doing solitary things (like blogging).

This sounds like complaining – it’s not! I’m having a fabulous time. (Mostly). But I am very busy.

In terms of writing, I’ve re-plotted Act III and am currently teasing out a couple of tricky scenes. Progress is slow (funny how school will do that), but we’ll get there eventually.

And now, before it gets cold, to return to my tea.

Brief Hiatus

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the blog has been on a bit of a hiatus! I originally thought this would be just one week so I didn’t bother posting anything; as it’s turning into two I thought I should probably let my vast legions of readers (*cough*) know what’s going on 🙂

I’ve been pretty much totally occupied with paperwork for my upcoming overseas adventure (stay tuned for more information), and also with an important presentation at work. This week I have to do some visa-related things (biometrics, passport photos, etc.) which will have me running all over the damn city, leaving…not so much energy for blogging.

So. I’m definitely going to take the rest of this week off. The next upcoming Friday Fiction is scheduled to be a Bell, Book, and Candle entry. That requires a little more work than just a flashfic, so I may or may not be mentally prepared for that this coming Friday, and there may or may not be a post. In any case, we will definitely resume regular blogging starting Monday the 24th.

Thank you for your patience!

Housekeeping, and Announcements

No Friday Fiction today — instead, some announcements.

The Hiatus

That last long hiatus? Was because of exams. Somehow, despite this semester appearing to be fairly light, I ended up with ridiculous amounts of work at the end of the term. (Seriously: FOUR TERM PAPERS, plus a final exam paper, three final exams, a stats project, and the 15-page summary of an 800 page textbook).

And now I’m done. Continue reading

Good Housekeeping


Yes, that was a very long blog-break. Yes, it was because school is terrible and I needed a break. Yes, I’m on top of everything now (mostly), and yes, there will almost certainly be more unscheduled and unannounced breaks in the future. But for right now, we’re back on the regular Monday/Friday schedule.

Look out for a Friday Fiction morsel later today. Next week is a Bell, Book and Candle entry (already written and scheduled). Up next in terms of blog posts is a two-parter on the storytelling/roleplaying online game Storium, and then probably a post on Prewriting.

So…get excited, I guess?

My life, which is not terribly interesting why are you reading this blog?

I’m still around! Exams, you know. Terrible things.

What I’m up to:


I’ve got a good 2k and change written so far, plus some scribblings in my notebook that are only half coherent because I was sick and also on jury duty (fun times, let me tell you). The plan going forward is:

  • Finish scene 2 this weekend
  • Write the rest of this bugger
  • One final pass for all the bits I left in brackets instead of writing
  • I inflict my Masterpiece upon those unfortunate enough to want to read it
  • And then I suppose I edit
  • And then perhaps I shall serialize it on the blog


Poking along, very very slowly. I think I’m having perfectionist fears with this one. I have to keep telling myself I’ll never become a better writer if I don’t practice. Silly me.

The Blog

It’s summer! So in theory I have time to update this thing. In practice, not so much, but I’ll give it a shot. Coming soon to a post near you:

  • Why I keep reading (and disliking) Holly Lisle books
  • Indie Author spotlight: MCA Hogarth
  • Updates on my writing, assuming I actually put hands to the keyboard and write something
  • At least one more installment of Black Swans (hopefuly more)
  • I don’t know? You tell me. What do you want to see here?

Real Life

MCATs, Jury Duty, BookCon, running around the city with my camera and a roll of film, cleaning the house. Some good things, some bad. The usual.