ATP: In the Summertime…

Occasionally even England blesses a poor overworked graduate student with good weather. And when that season finally rolls around, there’s a whole host of new Cambridge traditions and British activities to explore…


One of the most Cambridge things to do in Cambridge is to go out on the river for a little punting. If you’re not familiar, it’s an activity which involves standing on the back of a little boat and pushing it down the river with a big pole. It’s lots of fun (though quite the ab workout), and a nice way to see the college backs if you’re a tourist. Just keep in mind that 90% of the stuff they tell you on the guided tour is made up. Continue reading

Fancast: Princess Novel

I find myself bored, and as it happens I do not have any great desire to clean my room. So I thought I would entertain myself by imagining what actors would play my characters if my books were turned into movies. Or say rather, actors who look like I imagine my characters to look.

(Of course, before the movie adaptation you have to write the damn thing, but..)

Up first? Princess. Continue reading

Storium Part II: Applications to Writing

Second of two blog posts on Storium, the online storytelling game. Part I here.

My Games

I’m currently running two games as a narrator (one steampunk, one SF) and playing in three. One of them seems particularly promising but it’s early days yet; I find that most games tend to fizzle somewhere around scene 3, so we’ll see how it goes.

If you’re interested in seeing how a game plays out, the link to my first narrated game is here; unfortunately, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to read it unless logged into an account. But I’ll give it a shot.

Lessons Learned

Previous attempts to narrate these games (both of the currently-running versions are recent reboots) reinforced some important lessons about writing that I already sort of knew but hadn’t really appreciated… Continue reading

Storium Part I: Online Collaborative Storytelling

What is Storium?

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about a website called Storium. I discovered it way back when it was but a twinkle in the eyes of its creators…by which I mean I backed it on Kickstarter.

But what is it, exactly? Storium is a web-based only storytelling game — think of it like a tabletop RPG, but with less dice rolling and asynchronous moves. Basically, it’s a way to get together with strangers on the internet and write together.

How does it work? Continue reading