From the Archives: Story Description

Typed into a word document which was rescued from the Great Hard Drive Crash of  2010. Date of the original document is unknown, but most likely 6th grade (2004-5).

Arianna has always been good at finding things, especially things she’s “tagged”—marked with magic she didn’t know she had. When a stranger passing through the village discovers Arianna and her magic, he takes her back to the palace to train with the High Wizard—a powerful and ambitious man Arianna can’t bring herself to trust. When the prince himself goes missing Arianna thinks the High Wizard is to blame, so she sets off to find the prince and expose the High Wizard as the traitor he is. Thrown into a world of plots and revolutions she never knew existed, Arianna must race against time and the High Wizard to save the kingdom she loves.


  • Surprisingly well-written synopsis for a twelve year old.
  • I would probably change “High Wizard”; it’s a bit…uncreative 🙂
  • I actually really want to write this now.

3 thoughts on “From the Archives: Story Description

  1. *ahem* You should stick to your current writing project IMHO (have you picked one to work on specifically?)

    But then again, as you know, I have basically a one-track mind! Helps with focus, gives me no creativity!


  2. Well, you're right that I should have one primary project (which is the princess novel, by the way). But I tend to get a little burned out when I have to focus all my creativity on one thing. So my compromise is I can have two projects in different stages. I.e., once I start writing Princess I can plan something else, and while I'm editing princess I can be writing a different thing, etc.


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