The Podcast Post (Redux)

It’s been a while since the last podcast post, so let’s revisit the subject. First we’ll see which podcasts have stood the test of time, and which new additions have filled out my repertoire.

Looking Back

What podcasts did I mention last time? Am I still listening to them?

  • The SF Signal PodcastStill listening to this one — not every episode, but I keep an eye out for interviews or topics that look interesting. However, now that SF Signal is shutting down, I anticipate that the podcast will stop as well.
  • Writing ExcusesStill short, still sweet, still listening.
  • SF SqueecastUnfortunately is on (possibly permanent) hiatus.
  • Welcome to Night ValeI can’t, I’m sorry. This one is just not grabbing me. I gave their other project “Alice Isn’t Dead” a try as well, and similarly it’s just not for me.
  • Tea and JeopardyJust as lovely and as British as ever 🙂
  • Galactic SuburbiaStill as excellent as when I first started listening. Alisa, Alex and Tansy have really interesting and insightful things to say, and we have very similar tastes in books!
  • The Thrilling Adventure HourStill in love! Although as part of my recent change in life philosophies, I’ve allowed myself to stop listening to the segments that I don’t enjoy as much. Which means, essentially, that I’m listening to “Beyond Belief”, “Sparks Nevada”, and “Down in Moonshine Holler”, though that last may not be a permanent keeper. We’ll see.

Looking Forward

What new podcasts have I picked up?

  • Breaking the Glass Slipper: A podcast about women in SF, Fantasy, and Horror. There have only been two episodes so far, but it seems very promising. And certainly a subject matter I’m invested in!
  • Fangirl Happy Hour: A podcast very much in a similar vein to “Galactic Suburbia”, though it has more cursing in it. Also enjoyable to listen to, and a good source of recommendations.
  • The West Wing Weekly: GUYS. You don’t understand. I love this show so much. This is an episode-by-episode discussion of the West Wing, with your hosts Hrishikesh Hirway and JOSHUA MALINA he was on the show for real, guys, I can’t. With insightful discussion of episodes and lots of guest appearances from interesting people (actors, writers, costume designers etc.) involved with the show.

And You?

Any interesting podcasts on your radar? I’m always open to recommendations!

The Podcast Post

In Which I Am Reluctant

So. I have long been resistant to the aural tradition, because I honestly find it difficult to follow audio-only things. I am such a visual person that I have fits if my brother wants help with his math homework, because he reads the questions aloud to me and won’t let me look at the paper. (CANNOT. HANDLE.)

I tried audiobooks once (I think it was a “try one free” deal) and…didn’t work. I couldn’t follow the story at all, kept getting lost, was super frustrated the whole time.

In Which I Am Reluctantly Converted

I’ve been working at a nonprofit this summer, and a lot of the people there listen to music while they work. So I started listening to music while I worked. And I enjoyed that.

Then the girl next to me started talking about all the podcasts she was listening to.

Here’s the thing: I try to be a good aspiring writer – I follow all the authors and agents on Twitter (and see some interesting stuff that way), subscribe to the Publisher’s Marketplace newsletter, try to keep up with what’s going on in the industry. But there are only so many hours in the day.

ENTER PODCASTS. Continue reading