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 Thanks to Tami, I may or may not have just spent two hours combing through all my old notebooks and computer files for stories or bits of stories I wrote, starting probably around fourth grade.

It was lots of fun 🙂

I was especially glad to find the computer files, because I had been afraid that I’d lost them in the Great Hard Drive Crash but it turns out there’s a super-secret backup hidden on my dad’s computer!

I will probably share some of my favorite bits eventually, with any information on when/why it was written, if I have it, my thoughts on it, and what I plan to do with it (save it for posterity, hide it in a drawer, continue it, feed it to the goat…just kidding, I don’t have a goat).

For now I’ll just mention some general impressions I got while reading through:

  • I like names that start with A. Also K, to some extent. Also a few repeats. Some of the female protagonists mentioned in these stories: April, Anne, Alicia, Arianna, Ariana, Aeni, Annila, Alena, Araiya, Alanna (Allie), Allie, Kira, Kiranna (Kira), Kestrel, and Kayla. I did this for YEARS without noticing.
  • I was anxious to prevent snooping. On the covers of these notebooks, we have “Private!”, “Private! DO NOT OPEN”, and “No one who opens this will live/Private! Do not open under any circumstances”. Apparently I was really concerned about that last one.
  • I have exactly ONE snipped with a male POV character. According to my notes, he was supposed to be one of three main characters in that novel. Two were boys, one a girl. Surprising, because every single one of my other stories features a girl. Funnily enough, this immediately endears him to me. Also because his name is Ness.Which is supposed to be short for something, but still, it’s adorable.

Living in a Petri Dish

Living in a dorm is like living in a petri dish. Once one person in a dorm gets sick, they gradually infect everyone around them until the number of infected reaches critical mass and the campus descends into chaos as literally no one goes to class.

It’s like the movie Contagion, every day from about October to January.

Over the weekend I was sick. Not with any kind of doomsday virus, just a bad cold (although apparently there is an outbreak of whooping cough…). I did not do any work. I did not do any writing. I had to make a determined effort to drag myself out of bed long enough to shower. I watched a lot of TV and movies instead. All day.

Now I’m playing a bit of catchup. I have been working a bit on Princess and there are updates coming as soon as possible. But first, Organic Chemistry.

Worldbuilding, and also my dog eats salad.

So…I’ve been feeling reinvigorated re: the princess story, but the other day I tried to do some worldbuilding and it just…did not work.

I mean, I came up with some interesting ideas. Actually, some totally amazing ideas. The problem is, they don’t fit at ALL with the “seed” or “essence” of the princess story that I see in my head. I’m feeling seriously frustrated and I don’t really know what to do.

I’m actually tempted to say forget the worldbuilding, and try to hash out some kind of plot outline in the hopes that that jogs my mind. Actually, when I think about it, that plan seems much, much more appealing. I’m beginning to suspect that I will have to do a prelim outline, see how that affects the world/what ideas that sparks, and then go back and adjust the plot if necessary.

I know that skimping on worldbuilding is extremely problematic for a number of reasons. I’m not really skimping, just…postponing. I don’t know. I’m confused.


Somehow the reading list has reverted back to an earlier version. Blogger, I AM NOT AMUSED.
 Please bear with me as I attempt to correct it.

EDIT: fixed it. Although I am still NOT AMUSED.


So, I know I’ve been neglecting this, but I’ve been working. And let me tell you, working with kids all day leaves you REALLY tired. So blogging is pretty much the last thing on my mind when I come home. It’s more like eat and fall into bed…

Not a whole lot to say on the subject of writing, but I will share that I discovered today that the word I always believed to be “harbringer” is actually “harbinger” and well, this is what comes of reading extensively as a child but never actually hearing words pronounced. Also, I read really fast, so sometimes will miss letters or, as was the case here, add letters, apparently.

This reminds me of the time in fourth grade I realized that “trough” was pronounced like “cough” and not “trow”. So yeah.

And why am I still up? Good question.

"We are who we are. Lotteries are stupid."

Do you know what? Writing cards is very difficult.

I find it similar to signing a yearbook, actually. It’s hard to write something heartfelt and unique and genuine and not sound stupid or sappy. It’s hard to reduce the ups and downs and lefts and rights and wrongs of a relationship into a few words. People are such complicated, multifaceted beings, and cards aren’t very big.

I think, sometimes, it would just be easier to write everyone a novel.

Of course, even a novel is a reduction; just a longer one. Honestly, nothing can totally capture real life, it just is. But we write novels anyway. I guess they’re easier to understand.

That was enough profundity (if it even was profound) for one night. Back to writing, because Rat’s story needs to be done tomorrow and it’s a page long. Haha. It really is funny how bad I am at deadlines. Except it’s not.

Also, Blogger has moved the little box where I type labels for posts…it’s on the left now instead of the right. That annoys me.

And just to clarify, the title has nothing at all to do with this post. I just liked it. Brownie points if you can identify the source…

I’m A Little All Over the Place

True to form I procrastinated rather than doing anything useful today.

Also, I have been putting off getting a new social security card for over a month now…REALLY have to get on that…

Goodnight. Maybe I’ll have something useful to say tomorrow.

P.S. After a certain conversation I had today I’m thinking about baby names. It looks like Ethan or Oliver for a boy…not sure about girls yet. This is totally and completely irrelevant to everything but whatever.