This story, this thing that started as a really bizarre dream and ended as a pretty bizarre short story, is D-O-N-E.

Well. I still have to go back and clean up the bits left in brackets, but that’s a piece of cake compared to the trial of setting down words on a blank white screen.

And then there’s editing, and rewriting, and all that jazz.

But for now?


My life, which is not terribly interesting why are you reading this blog?

I’m still around! Exams, you know. Terrible things.

What I’m up to:


I’ve got a good 2k and change written so far, plus some scribblings in my notebook that are only half coherent because I was sick and also on jury duty (fun times, let me tell you). The plan going forward is:

  • Finish scene 2 this weekend
  • Write the rest of this bugger
  • One final pass for all the bits I left in brackets instead of writing
  • I inflict my Masterpiece upon those unfortunate enough to want to read it
  • And then I suppose I edit
  • And then perhaps I shall serialize it on the blog


Poking along, very very slowly. I think I’m having perfectionist fears with this one. I have to keep telling myself I’ll never become a better writer if I don’t practice. Silly me.

The Blog

It’s summer! So in theory I have time to update this thing. In practice, not so much, but I’ll give it a shot. Coming soon to a post near you:

  • Why I keep reading (and disliking) Holly Lisle books
  • Indie Author spotlight: MCA Hogarth
  • Updates on my writing, assuming I actually put hands to the keyboard and write something
  • At least one more installment of Black Swans (hopefuly more)
  • I don’t know? You tell me. What do you want to see here?

Real Life

MCATs, Jury Duty, BookCon, running around the city with my camera and a roll of film, cleaning the house. Some good things, some bad. The usual.

It Feels Good to be Writing Again

They weren’t regular playing cards, she saw. The backs were a deep purple, overlaid with a black cobweb pattern. Silver writing glittered against the dark colors, spelling out—

            “Spiderwebs,” said Kat. “Is that the name of the game?”
 Scene 1 is done! Working on Scene 2 today, in which our heroines first meet the Spider Queen – sort of – at the grocery store.

“You must have put it in your pocket and forgotten about it,” Kat repeated.
I didn’t, Charlie thought. I definitely didn’t.


I had a very interesting dream last night. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but there were some interesting elements. And then I woke up – or semi-woke up – but I was still sort of in a daydreaming mood. And then I was kind of  plotting an entire short story.

No description yet, but have some photos: