Accents and other Pretty, Shiny Things

I love listening to people with accents.

I don’t know what it is, but I find them absolutely mesmerizing. It’s even better if they speak a romance language, because that gives their voice this gorgeous musical cadence.

(As an aside: If I ever wrote something literary, I think I’d write it in Spanish. Because of that cadence, and because you can say so much with so few words.)

My new favorite TV show is called Crossing Lines, and although it is a good show in its own right, a lot of its appeal for me is the accents.

Frankly the idea of the ICC investigating regular crimes, even cross-border ongoing whatever they say on the show, is a bit silly. But I love it because it means every actor on the show has a different accent.

There’s an American, a Brit (well, there was), a German, a Frenchman and Frenchwoman, and an Italian. I like listening to the French and Italian accents the best.

This post has no point other than accents are pretty and I could listen to them all day.

Since this blog is supposed to be about writing I will also take this opportunity to tell you that I finished the major revisions on my short story for Saucy Ink!

It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. I love it to death.

I am so utterly happy with it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written and I want to print it out and frame it.

I’m going to go admire it for a bit now. Then I’m going to go write something better!