Sometimes I think I’m a magpie, because I like shiny things

Ok, I feel bad because I haven’t posted in ages…I’ve been really bad lately, distracted by shiny things like new computers and refrigerators and ironing boards and bedding and…

Going off to college in a couple of weeks, so there’s been lots to do. BUT now I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of a break and I’m ready to come back. Starting with a little contest on the Figment website. I usually don’t do that sort of thing, and I might not even publish my entry (which then wouldn’t be an entry because I wouldn’t have entered it…whatever). The point is that it gives me a manageable goal to work towards; it’s a short story, so I’ll get to feel accomplished when I actually finish it; and, most importantly for me, there’s a deadline.

The contest is basically to write anything about a prince or princess. That gives me a lot of leeway, so I’d better get brainstorming.

Also, the reading list has been updated.