Pseudonymus Bosch

That title is, of course, a stupid pun referencing Hieronymus Bosch, a 15th/16th century Netherlandish painter with a weird name and even weirder paintings.

But today’s subject is not art history, so let’s move on.

The Pseudonym

Pseudonym: a fictitious name, especially one used by an author. Also called a nom de plume; closely related to its cousins the stage name, the nom de guerre, and many more.

Basically, sometimes the name you see on the book covers isn’t the “real” name of the person who wrote that book. And sometimes it’s common knowledge (UF author Seanan McGuire is very open about writing her horror/medical/zombie thrillers under the name Mira Grant), and other times it’s a closely kept secret (James Tiptree Jr., whose real identity was for years one of the most intriguing secrets in the SF community).

It’s an odd thought, that someone would put forth something into the world (asking for attention, in a way) and yet deliberately adopt another name. So… Continue reading