Friday Fiction: Skeleton Rise

I’ve been experimenting with a new Storium game, testing out a setting that has been kind of vaguely on my mind for a while. (Storium has been great for fleshing out my setting ideas, by the way). This is the introductory post in that game, Skeleton Rise. I’m trying to do almost a Gothic sort of Western, where the town itself is like a character. It helps that the landscape of the West is so dynamic, and all that geothermic activity makes it easy to ascribe magic to the land itself.

In the foothills of the Washburn range, just north of the Yellowstone River and in the shadow of the huge dinosaur bones up in the bluffs, lay the town of Skeleton Rise. Weren’t much to look at at first glance, nor second glance neither; no railroad this far into unorganized territory, so the town started dying when the gold dried up. Still, there was a town, and a well, and a saloon, and that’s pretty much all you need out in the west. Continue reading