Musings on Muses

Others have written before me – and very eloquently, I might add – on this subject, so I’ll keep it brief.

Firstly, it’s stupid to avoid writing because you’re “waiting for inspiration to strike” or for your muse to suddenly make everything known to you.

Writing is not magic. Unfortunately.

The truth is, if you want to get results, you have to put in the effort yourself; do the work yourself. Your muse is not going to do it for you.

Except when it does.

I have a muse – or rather, I have a subconscious. When I get stuck on something in my writing¬† (and I mean really stuck, not just I’ve gotten lazy and don’t want to work, but that I’m working and working and nothing is coming out right), it helps to let it go and work on something else or do something else for a little while. Sometimes it’s an hour, and sometimes its a few days, but without fail there comes a time where suddenly my “muse” comes through and it all comes together in a rush.

Now what is really happening is that my brain is still working on my problem subconsciously, and when I come back to it it’s been worked out. It’s not magic, although as a fantasy buff I wouldn’t mind if it was!

My brain likes to operate this way quite a lot of the time.


Due to the Frankenstorm (Sandy), I am off from school today and tomorrow.

The plan: today, finish all my school work. Tomorrow, finish plotting Princess in advance of NaNo.

I currently have lots of fun conflict for the first quarter of the book and the last quarter of the book. Maybe also the third quarter. The second quarter is looking a little empty right now…

Further updates forthcoming.

I hate Organic Chemistry

So I’m sorry that it’s been almost a week since my last post. I’ve got one last push to make it over the insane work hurdle – by tomorrow it will be over! And I will return to blogging.

Living in a Petri Dish

Living in a dorm is like living in a petri dish. Once one person in a dorm gets sick, they gradually infect everyone around them until the number of infected reaches critical mass and the campus descends into chaos as literally no one goes to class.

It’s like the movie Contagion, every day from about October to January.

Over the weekend I was sick. Not with any kind of doomsday virus, just a bad cold (although apparently there is an outbreak of whooping cough…). I did not do any work. I did not do any writing. I had to make a determined effort to drag myself out of bed long enough to shower. I watched a lot of TV and movies instead. All day.

Now I’m playing a bit of catchup. I have been working a bit on Princess and there are updates coming as soon as possible. But first, Organic Chemistry.

What on Earth was I reading as a child?

For some reason, today, I had pop into my head the memory of a book I read a long time ago. It was a book I had checked out from the library. I couldn’t remember the title or the author or really much about the plot but I did some google searching and eventually found it!

The point of this anecdote is twofold. One, it really sucks that you can’t search for a book by description. Yes, keywords can sometimes yield results (like they did for me), and yes, there are sites out there with communities of people devoted to helping you figure out what book you’re looking for. But still.

The other thing I drew from this is the conclusion in the title of this post. The book is a paranormal romance. There’s a decent amount of sexytimes in there…and these are the kinds of books I was reading as a little girl. I actually think the first time I learned about sex was reading a book. Always being a responsible child, and I like to think reasonably mature for my age, I was always given a great degree of freedom in what I checked out. I really don’t know where I’m going with this. Clearly I’m out of practice in writing blog posts.

Why can’t my name be Faith Hunter?


I love my family. I feel very attached to my family and my heritage, such as it is, and I have no desire to abandon my real last name or reject my family or anything like that. Okay? Great.


If I ever were to publish a book (Ha! That’s a biiiig if), I would probably publish under a pseudonym. Or at least change my last name. Because, honestly, my names don’t go well together. They don’t sound right. I can’t really explain it. But they don’t flow.

Faith Hunter is an awesome name. Although perhaps a bit on the literal side – people already make haha-your-name-is-a-real-word jokes around me (seriously. I’ve heard them all), probably with a real-word last name it would be worse. Also there is already an author named Faith Hunter, which is why I started thinking about all of this in the first place.

This also makes me think about getting married (although that would be a long time into the future)- I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to have my name flow better if that were possible, but I don’t want to change my name when I get married.




I can’t breathe. SO CUTE.


Unfortunately, the reason they need sweaters – or jumpers, rather, as they’re from New Zealand – is because of the Oct. 5th oil spill over there. The sweaters keep the penguins from scratching at the oil, and also keep them warm until they can be cleaned. So if you’re a good knitter take a look and see if you can lend a hand.

A Few Orders of Business

1. College is incredibly busy!
2. There is a lot of reading in college. The reading list will be updated frequently – like today, for instance. Plus I still have to add all of the Spanish short stories.
3. I’ll come back later, because I have another post in my head for today.
4. I made my bed for the first time in about a week. I hope that means Ive turned over a new leaf of organization and productivity and cleanliness..