I’m Pregnant…With Cheescake

Didn’t really do much work on the novel today, mostly because I went to the beach and then the Cheesecake Factory – I am SO full now…

Harry Potter’s on hold because Hermione is much slower than I am.

As for the pages, I realize that my last post was not terribly clear. What I mean, if you weren’t sure, is that I’m going to have a separate page for each project I’m working on, up at the top where right now you see “home” and “codenames”. Like (I think) I said before, the pages will have summaries, character lists, maybe excerpts, word counts and updates, etc.

And the last totally random thing I have to say is that I found a link to this series of posts while fooling around on the NaNo forums and they’re really interesting and are renewing my interest in my fantasy which is currently on the backburner…


I Enjoy Making Lists

1. I love iTunes 69c songs
2. I’m going to do JulNo
3. I really, REALLY have to pack for Boston
4.My writing notebook looks really cool now that it’s covered in my nametags

Damn Those Monkeys!

As is typical for me, I didn’t do any of the things today that I meant to do. Not that I wasn’t productive – I did a lot of cleaning – but I didn’t do anything that I had previously planned to do. It was productive procrastination.

In cleaning out under my bed, I came across a lot of old notebooks from middle school and high school. In pretty much every single one of those notebooks was a bit of writing, from one line to a few paragraphs. Like I said before, I start but never finish.

There were a couple of good things in there, actually! One line in particular has stuck with me:

“…cursing all small monkeys masquerading as humans with wicked humor.”

Not bad for middle school, huh?

In other news, I went to my first roller derby last night. Rat’s been into it for a while (read: obsessed and won’t shut up about it) and so I finally went with her. To my surprise, I enjoyed myself! It’s very exciting. And there’s just the right about of violence for it to be interesting (less that football and hockey, but more than, I don’t know, soccer?).

So it was a good night, aside from the fact that I left my ticket at home and had to go all the way back to get it…

Hi, I’m alive (despite all evidence to the contrary). Plus, status update.

Look! Two days in a row! Is this the beginning of a new era?

I’d like to think so, but probably not.

Anyway, happy to report that I’m back to writing, working simultaneously on two projects. The fantasy (my nano novel), which has exploded into a blob-like mess of ideas and Things That Have To Happen But Haven’t Yet and is very conducive to procrastinating mightily. Did that sentence make sense? Probably not, sorry, it’s late and I just ate a very large steak for dinner.

Next year I think I will be very fat.

Anyway, the other project is as of yet untitled but I like to refer to it as “Law and Order: Vampires”, which is sort of what it is except no ADAs have made an appearance as of yet.

So a fair amount of writing done although my first chapter, contrary to all laws of the universe, is actually too short and contains no backstory or exposition, barely any description and actually not that much dialog, either. In plain terms it’s short and needs to be expanded…but that’s for a later revision.

This has the potential to be difficult for me because I was always the kid who looked up the answer in the whodunits…but more on that tomorrow. Bedtime.

Status Update: L&O: Vampires

Word count: 1,355
Characters introduced: 5
Characters killed: 1 (she was dead when introduced)
Vampires: 1 (Piper)
Werewolves: 1 (Corrigan)
Humans: 3 (Mallory, rookie, dead girl)

"We are who we are. Lotteries are stupid."

Do you know what? Writing cards is very difficult.

I find it similar to signing a yearbook, actually. It’s hard to write something heartfelt and unique and genuine and not sound stupid or sappy. It’s hard to reduce the ups and downs and lefts and rights and wrongs of a relationship into a few words. People are such complicated, multifaceted beings, and cards aren’t very big.

I think, sometimes, it would just be easier to write everyone a novel.

Of course, even a novel is a reduction; just a longer one. Honestly, nothing can totally capture real life, it just is. But we write novels anyway. I guess they’re easier to understand.

That was enough profundity (if it even was profound) for one night. Back to writing, because Rat’s story needs to be done tomorrow and it’s a page long. Haha. It really is funny how bad I am at deadlines. Except it’s not.

Also, Blogger has moved the little box where I type labels for posts…it’s on the left now instead of the right. That annoys me.

And just to clarify, the title has nothing at all to do with this post. I just liked it. Brownie points if you can identify the source…

I’m A Little All Over the Place

True to form I procrastinated rather than doing anything useful today.

Also, I have been putting off getting a new social security card for over a month now…REALLY have to get on that…

Goodnight. Maybe I’ll have something useful to say tomorrow.

P.S. After a certain conversation I had today I’m thinking about baby names. It looks like Ethan or Oliver for a boy…not sure about girls yet. This is totally and completely irrelevant to everything but whatever.

I’m Really Bad About Birthdays

I forget everybody’s birthday.

I mean, I know mine. And my brother’s, and my dad’s, and my dog’s. But I CANNOT seem to remember any of my friends’ birthdays, and I haven’t quite figured out if my mother’s is the 24th or the 26th. How sad is that?

This year, I finally accepted the fact that I will never be good with birthdays, and instead of worrying about being on time and forgetting and being late and discombobulated, I just decided that I would pick a date, declare it the Collective Birthday, and give everyone presents then.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s interesting – to me at least – and an important part of my personality. Also because it has to do with writing. Namely, the presents.

I thought it would be a good idea to write little stories or screenplays – short ones – for my friends. I was aiming for one each, so five total. This all sounded good in theory, but the collective birthday is tomorrow and I’ve only finished one. Haha. I am such a bad procrastinator.

Even this is procrastination. So bye, while I scramble like mad to finish all of this.