NaNo 2011 Day 3/4

Word count is somewhere in the 5000/6000s yay! still working on the endings 🙂

A pretty:


NaNo 2011 Day 2

3194 words at the moment. About 200 more until I hit the target.

I’ve stopped writing chronologically and started jumping around. It’s quite spastic really – I even wrote the ending.

Yep, NaNo day 2 and I’ve written the ending.

NaNo 2011 Day 1

1,785 words

The lion’s eyes were yellow and hungry. 

Shakily, she stood up, and raised her sword to salute the cheering crowd. 

It was very possible that she wouldn’t survive another fight. But the gates on the far side of the arena were already opening.

“Did you honestly think I would free you? When you earn me more money than all the others? Stupid girl.”

Now she was angry. Kel pushed away from the wooden pole, her fear forgotten. “I think you’re forgetting something, Kaspar,” she said. Kaspar missed the warning note to her voice, smiling and coming closer to grab her chin with his hand. He tilted her face up to his and leaned in close.

“And what is that, my darling lioness?” He breathed.

He started to leave the room, then turned back as a though struck him. “And find her some clothes.”

All Hallow’s Read!

I probably should have posted this earlier, but I had a ton of work to do (still do) and NaNo starts in a little over an hour (a;oihfpwaoirkfnaw;lkdj) and I’m freaking out a little!

All Hallow’s Read is my new favorite holiday, invented by none other than Neil Gaiman himself. Basically the entire premise is you give someone a scary book! Lots of publishers and blogs, including Tor, are giving away books today. So that’s exciting.

P.S. look for a frantic “NO WAY HOW IS IT NOVEMBER I’M NOT READY” Nano post soon.

I Sold My Soul and Got a Twitter

It’s in the sidebar. Great, now there’s another way for the internet to suck me into a time wasting black hole. I AM ALREADY A HORRIBLE PROCRASTINATOR THIS IS NOT HELPING.

In other news, Lioness has a new page. It’s not very interesting at the moment, as NaNo hasn’t started yet. Maybe I’ll put up some of the pretty world building pictures soon?

The opening scene. Although the gladiator would be a girl.