For someone who tends to start and never finish, a milestone

So, I mentioned two posts ago that I would debrief screnzy but then I forgot and didn’t, so I’ll do that now and talk about detective stories next time.

Ok. Screnzy.

I think that scripts are not my thing. I mean, I keep trying to put in parantheticals or long descriptions and it’s not really working out. Part of the problem may also have been that I was adapting, rather than writing something original. It’s something to come back to, rather than something to completely give up.

But I’m pretty sure now that I’m a prose writer, so I’ll keep working on that.

I’d also like to point out that the story that I wrote a little while ago based on the movie the Adjustment Bureau is – and I only realized this recently – the first piece of non-required (ie non-school) writing that I have actually finished. I mean, it could use a couple heavy rounds of editing, but it’s finished. That’s actually a pretty big deal!