Current Projects: May

The May 2016 Edition of “What the hell is Faith procrastinating on now?”. Novels and stories and that serial thing that sort of happened spontaneously, plus more, under the cut.


Princess: After a bloody coup a Princess must reclaim her country and save her sister. 50,000 words and climbing.

Salvage: SF/Space Opera about the crew of the salvage ship Lady Luck. Vaguely Firefly-flavored. Outlining on hold while I double down on Princess.

Untitled Miri/Oren: Ideas are percolating. Not sure when exactly in their relationship I’d like to set a novel – right after the short story? After they settle in Kolpatar?


Short Stories

Resurrection Men: Bodysnatching and speaking to the dead. Brainstorming.

Dwindle, Peak, and Pine: Law firm specializing in prophetic injury malpractice suits. Urban Fantasy plus Shakespeare. Looking for a plot.



Bell, Book and CandleUF about Lizzie Bell, semi-retired ghost hunter. We are up to installment 20 of ??, and I’m sort of throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. No idea where any of it is going. Status: in progress.

Storium Games

I’m including these here because it turns out narrating exercises similar parts of the creative anatomy as drafting stories. Also, I want to show off my amazing players, especially now that the site is out of beta and the stories can be read by nonmembers. So:

SalvageSF/Space Opera in which the crew of the salvage ship The Lady Luck tries to survive pirates and hyper-advanced AIs while saving the universe from total annihilation. (This is the same setting as the soon-to-be-written novel of the same name, but that novel will not feature any of the characters in the game for reasons of copyright).

Skeleton RiseA Gothic weird Western set in the dying gold-rush town of Skeleton Rise, where there’s bones in the bluffs and magic just beneath the surface of things. Also, dinosaurs.

Unformed ideas/Ridiculous daydreams/Other

  • Dinosaur-riding US marshals in a fantasy version of the Old West (Speculative Western Novel)
  • Lady Scientists, secret societies, and politics (Steampunk Novel)
  • White Apple, Red Snow: A phantasmagorical retelling of Snow White in the vein of this. (Fantasy Novel); basically, Snow White as a portal fantasy.

Finished/In Edits/Other

“Spiderwebs” (Upper-MG Fantasy)
“Masque Macabre”  (Fantasy/Paranormal)
The Witch of the Woods” (Fantasy)
“May You Live In Interesting Times” (SF Adventure)
“A Patchwork of Stars” (SF )

(Since I’m working on sharing more)…if you are reading this blog and know how to get in touch with me other than via comments (i.e. if you know me in real life or have my email address), and you’d like to read any of the stories listed on the “Finished” list, drop me a line.

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