Review: The Long Way Home (Sequoyah #1)

The Book

Moire Cameron ran to protect her secrets — ran to the heart of an interstellar alien war. Her fellow mercenaries care only about her fighting skills, not where — or when — she got them. You’d think that would be good enough.

But a false name and fake ID can’t conceal her dangerous lack of contemporary knowledge, and they won’t help fulfill her last order, given by a dying man eighty years ago. To do that she must find a reason to live again. A cause worth fighting for, comrades to trust, and a ship to sail the stars…

The Review

Sometimes my subscription to Bookbub really, really pays off.

The Long Way Home is a fantastic SF/Space Opera adventure tale. Chase takes the concept of “in medias res” and RUNS with it — the preview on Amazon dropped me right into the middle of a battle, and dropped just enough hints about protagonist Moire Cameron’s mysterious secret to reel me in. By the time I reached the end of the sample chapters, I was thoroughly invested.

It doesn’t end there. Chase is completely unafraid to skip big chunks of time and drop you right into something else exciting. It’s (almost) never disorienting, and a few shared threads (Toren, Sequoyah, Alan) keep it from feeling too episodic. And the technique allows Chase to cover a lot of time and a lot of space, giving the book a great sense of scale.

It also allows her to introduce lots of great secondary characters – mercenaries, Fleet officers, planet-dwellers, or ship crew. They mostly all feel well fleshed-out, even if they only appear once or twice. (Again, scale). The primary characters are of course also great — Moire and Ennis (and Alan, I guess) all get viewpoints that feel distinct, and true to their characterization.

The writing is overall pretty strong. I would hazard a guess that the manuscript was edited – and/or Ms. Chase is a stronger writer than most of the indies on Amazon – as my reading experience was very smooth (and free of grammar errors! Or at least none that jarred me from the story).

I do think the book has a couple rough edges that an industry editor would have sanded down, but overall the book is charming, well written, and a LOT of fun.

Fair warning: while the ending isn’t exactly a cliffhanger — it ends at the end of a story beat — it’s not exactly super stand-alone. The overarching plot threads remain (mostly) unresolved. Unless you have more willpower than I do, you’re probably going to want the next book right away. Luckily the series is complete at three books.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive purchase, want to support and indie, and like SF, The Long Way Home is a good bet.

I purchased this book myself through Amazon (it was on sale through Bookbub) and was not solicited for this review nor provided a free copy.

If this review has piqued your interest and you’re interested in reading¬†The Long Way Home,¬†you can buy it on Amazon here or check out the author’s website.

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