Current Projects: November

The November Edition of “What the hell is Faith procrastinating on now?”. Novels and stories and that serial thing that sort of happened spontaneously, plus more, under the cut.


Princess: After a bloody coup a Princess must reclaim her country and save her sister. Making good progress on Act II, and going in a couple directions I didn’t anticipate (but I like much better than my original plans). Bria’s arc is still giving me trouble, but I’ve decided to leave it for now and write Kel’s scenes, in the hopes that something shakes out. I seem to be gaining traction lately (fingers crossed I can keep it up), so I’m very excited 🙂

Untitled Miri/Oren: Ideas are percolating. Walled cities, Kolpatar, criminal investigations. Fantasy private detectives?

Salvage: SF/Space Opera about the crew of the salvage ship Lady Luck. Vaguely Firefly-flavored. Outlining on hold while I double down on Princess, but I’ve been tinkering around with the worldbuilding a little bit.

Lioness: Gladiators, revolutions, girls kissing. Probably YA. On hold for the foreseeable future.

Short Stories

Untitled Miri/Oren: Miri and Oren on a diplomatic mission. Fully plotted, and about 1.5 pages written. On hold while I decide if I like it or not.

Dwindle, Peak, and Pine: Law firm specializing in prophetic injury malpractice suits. Urban Fantasy plus Shakespeare. Looking for a plot.

City of the Unknown Dead: A special investigator tries to identify a body and gets into a lot of trouble. Secondary-world Fantasy that draws a little bit on ancient Egypt. Also looking for a plot.


Bell, Book and Candle: UF about Lizzie Bell, semi-retired ghost hunter. We’re up to installment 13, though I’m ahead writing- and planning-wise. Note, though, that the “planning” is only a handful of scenes in advance, and I still have no idea where I’m going with most of the major plot threads. This is definitely a “wing it and hope for the best” project. Status: in progress.

Unformed ideas/Ridiculous daydreams/Other

  • Dinosaur-riding US marshals in a fantasy version of the Old West (Speculative Western Novel)
  • Lady Scientists, secret societies, and politics (Steampunk Novel)
  • Necropolis. BONES AND SKELETONS. Catacombs. Dark things living in the shadows. (Novella??)
  • White Apple, Red Snow: A phantasmagorical retelling of Snow White in the vein of this. (Fantasy Novel)

Finished/In Edits/Other

“Spiderwebs” (Upper-MG Fantasy)
“Masque Macabre”  (Fantasy/Paranormal)
“The Witch of the Woods” (Fantasy)
“May You Live In Interesting Times” (SF Adventure)


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