Bell, Book, and Candle: Part Eleven

The continuing adventures of Lizzie Bell, semi-retired ghost hunter and amateur paranormal detective. When last seen, Lizzie was off to investigate the mysterious disappearance of certain spirits…(part 10) (from the beginning)

Tony Morris haunted an abandoned movie theater on Broadway, and had since the previous movie theater had burned down sometime in the 1920s. Every time I visited, he assured me that he was moving on; he was ready this time, he meant it. Every time that turned out to be a lie.

But maybe not this time — according to Henry, Tony was gone.

“I’m telling you, Elizabeth, he wouldn’t.”

“All right, Henry.”

“This is foul play.”

All right, Henry.”

He rounded on me, his fury rendered ridiculous as he tried to seize my arms and instead his hands sank through my skin. He pulled back, but kept glaring. “Do not patronize me, Elizabeth. I am many years older and wiser than you are.”

I sighed. “That may be, but there’s no point in arguing about it until we get there and I see for myself. If he really –”

My ear started to vibrate as the phone I was holding up to my face rang.

“–hang on. Hello?”

“Lizard! It’s –”

I groaned internally. Devon. “Stop right there,” I said. “Unless the next words out of your mouth are ‘I’m an asshole and I’m sorry for standing you up the other day,’ I’m hanging up again.”

I hadn’t been too surprised. Devon’s always been a bit of a flake. After he made it into the big leagues, it got worse. Big time reality TV stars don’t have time for the little people any more, I guess. Whatever.

“I’m an asshole and I’m sorry for standing you up,” Devon said. “But listen, I’ve got something better. We’re shooting at this really cool –”

“No, no, nope, no, absolutely not,” I said over his protests. “I’m not coming on your show, Devon.”

Our show, Liz. We could partner up! No one else has a brother-sister team. It could really set the show apart. Family drama’s always good for ratings.”

“You’re missing the part where I don’t care,” I said tartly. “Seriously. Do. Not. Care.”

“Look, I know you like college and you should totally get a degree but you can’t just quit the biz, Liz.” He laughed at his own joke. I didn’t. “It follows you.”

I glanced over at Henry. Quite literally, in some cases. Still.

“I’m retired. Totally and completely retired. Except for this one favor I’m doing for Henry, but then it’s over. And I will die before I go on your –”

I stopped short.


We’d reached the movie theater. The windows were still boarded up, but the door was propped open with a sandbag, and a bunch of guys in black stood around smoking or checking their phones. Handcarts with lights and rolls of electrical wire clogged the sidewalk. A van was parked in the street, black with a white ghost in a jar painted on the side. Across the image red letters spelled out “Spirit Search”.

Well, shit.


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