Current Projects: June

I like having posts with my current projects (and progress or lack thereof on same) because I feel like it keeps me on track. I hope to have one once every couple of months — more often if I’m productive and there are changes (unlikely). So here’s June:


Princess: After a bloody coup a Princess must reclaim her country and save her sister. Just under the 20k mark and picking up steam again.

Untitled Miri/Oren: Ideas are percolating. Walled cities, Kolpatar, criminal investigations. Fantasy private detectives?

Salvage: SF/Space Opera about the crew of the salvage ship Lady Luck. Vaguely Firefly-flavored. Outlining on hold while I double down on Princess.

Lioness: Gladiators, revolutions, girls kissing. Probably YA. On hold for the foreseeable future.

Short Stories

Untitled Ghost story: Gosts and the Danse Macabre. Intended for submission to Cricket magazine before June 25th. Outlined, about to start writing. (If you want to beta, hit me up).

Untitled Miri/Oren: Miri and Oren on a diplomatic mission. Fully plotted, and about 1.5 pages written. #2 on the short story schedule.

No One Came Back: SF story about exploration and aliens. On hold while I figure out how to salvage the ending.


Bell, Book and Candle: UF about Lizzie Bell, semi-retired ghost hunter. The next installment should go up Friday, though I really have to work out the outline. Status: in progress.

Unformed ideas/Ridiculous daydreams

  • Dinosaur-riding US marshals in a fantasy version of the Old West (Speculative Western Novel)
  • Lady Scientists, secret societies, and politics (Steampunk Novel)
  • Law firm specializing in prophetic injury malpractice suits (UF Short story)

Finished/In Edits/Other


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