Housekeeping, and Announcements

No Friday Fiction today — instead, some announcements.

The Hiatus

That last long hiatus? Was because of exams. Somehow, despite this semester appearing to be fairly light, I ended up with ridiculous amounts of work at the end of the term. (Seriously: FOUR TERM PAPERS, plus a final exam paper, three final exams, a stats project, and the 15-page summary of an 800 page textbook).

And now I’m done.

No, I Mean Really Done

Wednesday the 20th, I officially graduated from Columbia University.

The ceremony was actually really well done, considering its absolutely enormous scale. I got a particular kick out of the aristocratic touches (the medieval-style robes, the antique 18th century silver mace with which the president officially confers degrees, the ritual language – “I beg you, sir, to grant them the degree of XYZ, with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges thereto”)

So, yes. I sat on Low Plaza, with around 6,000 other people, got a slight sunburn on my nose, and officially received my B.A.

What’s Next

For right now, more fun time.

It’s summer. School’s out, and I have no lingering work hanging over my head. I have a little bit of paperwork to finish for my summer job, but that won’t take long. I have a lot of paperwork for something else which we will discuss in a moment, but it involves a visa application which I cannot even start until July.

On Saturday, I’m going to the movies with my brother (Mad Max). Next Thursday, I am leaving on a Mediterranean cruise with my grandparents. (Which will be stellar. I cannot wait.) In between, I’ll clean my room and pack and maybe try to get to the ballet a couple times.

And I’m going to write. A lot. Look for serious movement on Princess, and maybe even another Miri/Oren short story.

And For My Next Trick…

In late September, I will fly to England to take up residence at Cambridge, where I will be getting my M.Phil. in Applied Biological Anthropology. ALL THE SKELETONS FOR ME.

I am insanely excited. I am also slightly nervous, because there’s a big difference between going to college while mostly living at home and going to uni IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. Still, I think it will be good.

I look forward to all the weird tidbits I will have to report — British people seriously make no sense. Here’s a sneak preview:

The Brits divide their academic year into three terms, Michaelmas, Lent, and Easter. There are two types of term, “Term” and “Full Term”. One is about 8 1/2 weeks, and one is about 10 weeks. Can you guess which one is longer? Hint: it’s not “Full Term”.

That’s right. Term is longer than Full Term. Because British people.

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Regular blog posts resume Monday, and Friday Fiction resumes next week.
Everything resumes now that I’m back from my trip, because I forgot to schedule the posts before I left (oops).

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