Fancast: Princess Novel

I find myself bored, and as it happens I do not have any great desire to clean my room. So I thought I would entertain myself by imagining what actors would play my characters if my books were turned into movies. Or say rather, actors who look like I imagine my characters to look.

(Of course, before the movie adaptation you have to write the damn thing, but..)

Up first? Princess.

Kelisin — Emilia Clarke


Briara — Morgana Davies


Teoden — Devon Bostick


Iasor — Joe Manganiello

Making Magic In Toronto With "Magic Mike" - Press Junket

Collem — Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson in The Grey, 2012


And we now return to our regularly scheduled programming…by which I mean, back to the keyboard for me.

2 thoughts on “Fancast: Princess Novel

  1. That’s fun , I do the same thing sometimes. Although I have only cast two people:

    Damon – Chris Hemsworth (sp?)

    Joann Tashus – Emma Watson

    I might steal your Devon Bostick for Ken Westron, but he’s probably too young.

    Speaking of Devon Bostik, have you watched The 100?


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