Writing Rhythmn

I’ve gotten a pretty good rhythm going over this Winter Break of mine. I’ve got a lot of momentum going. I’ve struck of good balance of creative work (rewarding, but drains the energies) and recharging (unproductive, but necessary).


Tomorrow, I go back to school.

And suddenly it’s a whole new ballgame – I have to juggle classes with schoolwork with writing with reading if I have the time (haha, no) and you can forget about television or movies or lazing about.

How? How do I find that balance?

I’m not sure that I really expect an answer, since this is something, as far as I can tell, that everyone struggles with. But it’s a pain to think about.

On the bright side, I’m taking a lot of fun classes this semester (my LAST SEMESTER HOLY CRAP WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE) so at least I should enjoy myself as my writing schedule goes down the toilet…

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