Friday Fiction: SF Story, Part 1

Communications Logs

14 April, Standard Year 3056

04:56 hours

Orbit 1: Look at that sunrise.

Orbit 2: It’s dark over here.

O1: Oh, shut up. It was a rhetorical statement. Pause. God, I never get tired of seeing that.

O2: It looks so peaceful from space, doesn’t it? Quiet.

O1: For now. Traffic will start up soon though. First crawler’s starting up the elevator any minute. They keep expanding that damn station…

O2: Someone’s gotta build the ships. Might as well be us.

O1: I guess so. I just feel like this war is consuming everything, you know? Cori used to be a backwater system, way back when. Now we’re churning out warships, we’ve got a goddamn Fleet Academy. I just —

Alarm sounds.

O1: —the fuck? Station, come in.

Station: Orbit One, we read.

O1: Deepspace sensors are recording mass entering the system – shit, I’ve lost A48. And A47. And – the whole section’s offline. Are they blowing our sensors?

Station: Hyperspace gate shows no activity. Nothing came through the jump point.

O1: So they came through normal space? What the hell…I’m trying to get visuals. I’m accessing the sensor cameras…


O1: Holy shit.

Station: What are you seeing? Pause. Orbit One, do you read? Pause. Orbit One, come in. What the hell is out there? Is it a fleet?

O1: It’s….it’s a fucking planet.


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