Progress Report!


I was thinking about writing, the other day (I mean, thinking about the craft of writing) and I realized that despite how much time I spend thinking about it, how much a part of my life it is, I really haven’t produced all that much work. Weird, huh?

I’ve got about a quarter of a novel, one completed short story (ONE. Not one polished, one written.) (Well, okay, two, but I think I figured out how to fix that second one and it involves writing a lot more. So I think I might reclassify that one as “not done”), plus one novel false-start and the in-progress Spiderwebs.

A.k.a not a whole lot.

So it feels really, really good to say that I’m halfway done with Spiderwebs. It’s going to be done soon. And it’s going to be long. And I like it. (For now. That’s the sort of thing that goes in cycles).

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