Friday Flashfic: Girls Can’t be Heroes

Girls can’t be heroes.

We are the princess in the tower, the ogre’s prize, the virgin sacrifice. It is never a woman who rides at the head of the army, never a woman who defeats the Dark Lord. We are bound in chains, while the men slay the dragons.

Girls can’t be heroes.

How many women captain a space ship? How many women lead expeditions to alien worlds? In a future where man can travel at the speed of light we are held to a walking pace.

Girls can’t be heroes.

It’s not for us to fly faster than a speeding bullet. It’s not for us to leap tall buildings in a single bound. We do not save, we are saved and we should be grateful for it.

Girls can’t be heroes.

It is a litany repeated over and over again, carved into our skin, woven into our hair, tattooed on the inside of our very souls. They tell us and tell us and tell us again, and then we tell ourselves.

Girls can’t be heroes.

Oh no? The can’t? Then I won’t be a hero.

I’ll be a villain.

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