My life, which is not terribly interesting why are you reading this blog?

I’m still around! Exams, you know. Terrible things.

What I’m up to:


I’ve got a good 2k and change written so far, plus some scribblings in my notebook that are only half coherent because I was sick and also on jury duty (fun times, let me tell you). The plan going forward is:

  • Finish scene 2 this weekend
  • Write the rest of this bugger
  • One final pass for all the bits I left in brackets instead of writing
  • I inflict my Masterpiece upon those unfortunate enough to want to read it
  • And then I suppose I edit
  • And then perhaps I shall serialize it on the blog


Poking along, very very slowly. I think I’m having perfectionist fears with this one. I have to keep telling myself I’ll never become a better writer if I don’t practice. Silly me.

The Blog

It’s summer! So in theory I have time to update this thing. In practice, not so much, but I’ll give it a shot. Coming soon to a post near you:

  • Why I keep reading (and disliking) Holly Lisle books
  • Indie Author spotlight: MCA Hogarth
  • Updates on my writing, assuming I actually put hands to the keyboard and write something
  • At least one more installment of Black Swans (hopefuly more)
  • I don’t know? You tell me. What do you want to see here?

Real Life

MCATs, Jury Duty, BookCon, running around the city with my camera and a roll of film, cleaning the house. Some good things, some bad. The usual.

4 thoughts on “My life, which is not terribly interesting why are you reading this blog?

  1. Yea, summer! (What a great weekend we had weather-wise!) Now I can bug you about your writing without feeling guilty. Where did I put that whip? What's that you say? MCATs? Bah! It's just another test.

    You said: “Why I keep reading (and disliking) Holly Lisle books.” I agree! I own far too many of these, and although they helped me with my revision, it was actually Tami who was a much bigger help. I was told by a couple mutual friends that Holly's style is not for everyone, so I guess I fall into the “not” camp.



  2. Bill, do you mean her writing books? I have a bunch of those as well. I find them useful, to a point – some of her strategies I've adapted for my own process, and some of the things she brings up in the short courses have sparked interesting ideas.

    I was actually talking about her fiction. I was hearing so much about her method, I thought: “let's see how this plays out in her own writing”. And went promptly down the rabbit hole…


  3. I was talking about her books on writing. I have only read one of her fiction books, “Hunting Corrigan's Blood” (or something like that), and I didn't find it noteworthy. I enjoyed it, but it didn't send me out shopping for her other books.

    I'm interested to see what you say…


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