Showers are Good for the Writing Soul

Remember Miri and Oren? I wrote a story about them for the last Saucy Ink collection?

They paid a visit to me in the shower. I had to scribble it down quickly before I forgot it, although I have no idea where or when it happens or who Bakir is or when Miri had a daughter (…um…) or why an underworld crime boss wants to employ her or why Oren is cool with this or…yeah I’m pretty confused.

(Also hi Tami I stole your dragon’s name by accident because it was pretty and stuck in my head…sorry…let me know if you’d rather I didn’t).


“You’re wrong.”

Oren furrowed his brow. “But Bakir said–”

“Bakir is a gossip-mongering idiot.” Miri turned away from the window. “I don’t blame you for Sitri’s death. I blame myself.”

She paced across the floor.

“I was so obsessed with our work – so caught up in the adventure — that I neglected my child. I wasn’t there. I didn’t protect her.”

“Miri, there was no way you could have seen it coming.”

Miri whirled on him, her eyes wild and full of tears. “Yes there was!” she screamed. “I should have known!” She flew at him, punctuating each word with a strike. “I. Should. Have. Known!”

Oren said nothing.

Suddenly she stopped, and the anger was gone as suddenly as it had appeared.

“Tell Vashara I can’t help her. Find yourself another water-witch.”

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