Rabbit Rabbit

You may have noticed a lack of posts last week. I decided to take a week’s vacation, to spend my last days of summer with my family. Now I’m all moved in to my dorm and the school year is looking shiny and bright! It’s a feeling that will last all of two weeks, and then I’ll be desperate for summer again.

Considering the inordinate amount of things I will be doing with my time during the fall (1. School 2. Nutcracker 3. Heading up a club 4. MCATS 5. Writing 6… Put me out of my misery, already!) blogging will be reduced to once a week. Posts will go up on Fridays. When I have Princess news to share, I’ll post updates on Mondays. Hopefully that will be every week or almost every week, but realistically it will likely be less often.

And yes, I’ll update the sidebars…eventually.

EDITED to add: There will be one more post before I start with the new schedule – I was given an ARC in exchange for a review and I want to post it right away. So that will go up later.

5 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit

  1. I did. (After a small nudge from Perry).

    I actually didn't even know I had word verification – it never asked me to verify when I commented and I didn't think to check if it was different for other people!


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