Going…Old School

I love my Kindle. I do. I can have hundreds of books on it and it’s still light and easy to carry. There are lots of great things about it.

I love my digital camera. I can fit 1000 photos on my memory card; I can catch moments that are gone in the blink of an eye. I can get instant feedback on whether the shot turned out right. If I mess up, I can delete the photo and try again.

But sometimes I like the feel of a paperback in my hand. Sometimes I like the feeling of stopping by the man who sells books on Broadway and finding a paperback I really wanted and buying it for $2. It’s like a surprise, a present. It’s something special.

And sometimes I like to shoot film. It’s softer, more intimate, more beautiful. It’s like opening presents when you send the film to be developed and get the scans back. If you’re lucky enough to have a darkroom, it’s peaceful when you develop the prints, watching the image bloom on the paper as you swirl it in the developer. I feel like I’m creating something, crafting something, as I work.

So yeah, technology is great! The world is moving at an astonishing pace, and ebooks and digital photos and whatever-they-invent-next-week are wonderful.

But sometimes I want something tangible. Sometimes I want something a little old school.

3 thoughts on “Going…Old School

  1. I felt the same way!

    ….until I realized how freaking heavy my books were when I moved.

    After that…I'm a digital convert hehe.


    I do see your point and agree wholeheartedly.

    Sometimes, Faith?

    There's nothing like writing during a stormy night by candle light on good old pen and paper when the power goes out 😉


  2. Ooh, shivers!

    You know what I discovered? Every time I get “writer's block” while typing, if I switched to notebook and pen I get unstuck immediately.


    It's like magic.


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