Sometimes I turn into a girl

I spent most of last week up at my grandparents’ house in Connecticut. There are lots of things I could say about that, but most of them would be uninteresting to the internet-at-large so I’ll refrain.

But I will share this: up there, I turn into a girl.

I have a six cousins, two of whom are girls. One of those girls is 9 or 10 now and lives in Boston. She’s a total sweetheart but it’s not really like hanging out with a friend, because she’s half my age. The other girl cousin is three years younger and I love her to death. She’s the one who turns me into a girl.

When I hang out with my school friends we mostly talk, or go see a movie, or go out to eat. If we go shopping it’s usually for books. That’s just the way we are.

When I hang out with my cousin we shop for clothes and makeup and take selfies (usually I hate doing that) and just generally act like a couple of teenagers.

It’s a little weird. But I like it.

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