In which I venture slightly into publishing and purchase some empty boxes

Greetings. Gosh it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Thanks to Bill for the poking.

A lot is going on in my life right now, most of it terribly mundane. I am cleaning and reorganizing my room (hence the empty boxes – a trip to the Container Store is on the list for today). I am starting not one but two summer jobs, both of which require obscene amounts of paperwork to be completed. And blood tests. I am trying new things to get my skin to clear up (the great bane of my college years. Seriously, I made it through all of high school with no problems and now acne armageddon). I am walking the dog, and making my bed, and dusting the living room, and reading books.

And I am writing.

Not too long ago I joined one of the most lovely writing groups around. I am fortunate enough to get to participate in their latest short story anthology and we are currently coming up on the end of the first critiquing period. I’m gearing up for revisions, as it’s looking like a pretty significant restructuring. Eventually the anthology will be self-pubbed and I’ll put up a link when it is.

I haven’t forgotten about Princess, either – I’m still hashing out plot points for the middle of the book and working up my courage to begin writing in earnest. This novel, I will finish.

4 thoughts on “In which I venture slightly into publishing and purchase some empty boxes

  1. Yea! So glad you're back to blogging!

    I can't wait to read the revisions to your story, either. Of course, I must point out that your story was excellent right out of the gate, and your claim of “significant restructuring” is slightly exaggerated.


  2. Yes, well. We'll see how long it lasts…

    As for revisions, I've been thinking about it, and while I probably don't *have* to restructure to fix the problems, I might *want* to.

    Honestly, I'm still trying to decide.


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