From the Archives

 Thanks to Tami, I may or may not have just spent two hours combing through all my old notebooks and computer files for stories or bits of stories I wrote, starting probably around fourth grade.

It was lots of fun 🙂

I was especially glad to find the computer files, because I had been afraid that I’d lost them in the Great Hard Drive Crash but it turns out there’s a super-secret backup hidden on my dad’s computer!

I will probably share some of my favorite bits eventually, with any information on when/why it was written, if I have it, my thoughts on it, and what I plan to do with it (save it for posterity, hide it in a drawer, continue it, feed it to the goat…just kidding, I don’t have a goat).

For now I’ll just mention some general impressions I got while reading through:

  • I like names that start with A. Also K, to some extent. Also a few repeats. Some of the female protagonists mentioned in these stories: April, Anne, Alicia, Arianna, Ariana, Aeni, Annila, Alena, Araiya, Alanna (Allie), Allie, Kira, Kiranna (Kira), Kestrel, and Kayla. I did this for YEARS without noticing.
  • I was anxious to prevent snooping. On the covers of these notebooks, we have “Private!”, “Private! DO NOT OPEN”, and “No one who opens this will live/Private! Do not open under any circumstances”. Apparently I was really concerned about that last one.
  • I have exactly ONE snipped with a male POV character. According to my notes, he was supposed to be one of three main characters in that novel. Two were boys, one a girl. Surprising, because every single one of my other stories features a girl. Funnily enough, this immediately endears him to me. Also because his name is Ness.Which is supposed to be short for something, but still, it’s adorable.

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