Plan of Action

Behold the side bar! It is no longer at 5%.

I decided to work through my Princess planning using more or less the strategy outlined in Tami Moore’s NaNo prep posts. I’m currently on number 7, about to start number 8, so 7/31 = 23%. Yay math!

I’ve got a pretty good grip on Kel, and what kind of person she is, and how she’s different from her little sister Bria. (By the way, Bria was not supposed to be a big character at all, but being a bright, outgoing and adventurous child, she had other ideas.)

I’m also discovering how Princess will probably have 2 sequels and end up a trilogy and is a lot more epic in scale than I originally thought. Bria gets her day to shine in Book 2. There are dragons involved.

In terms of worldbuilding, I’ve got a bunch of political entities, be they individuals (Kel, the evil king) or groups (the prosthelytizing democratic army – long story) with complicated motives which interact in interesting ways. Still to be fleshed out: the religions of the world (which will have a lot to do with magic), the ultimate big baddie, and the general trajectory of the trilogy as a whole which will have a HUGE impact on the plot of the first book.

Oh yeah, the plot. That too. We’re getting there.

That’s okay, this is totally normal for the stage of preparation I’m in. I’m also going to consciously try not to think about books 2 and 3 right now – if I’m struck with a brilliant idea I’ll write it down, but I am going to shut down any actual development on them until I am done writing Princess. Aside from, of course, the most general, high-level story arc which I need to know in order to set it up properly in Princess. 

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