It’s that time of year again…

A couple of days ago, I looked at the date and had a heart attack. OHMYGOSHITSALMOSTNOVEMBERAND-I’M-NOT-READY-FOR-NANO!

That is exactly what happened in my head, yes.

I have a list of projects, sure, but nothing was really calling out to me, begging me to write it. I had this one particular idea I thought I wanted to write, but it was really only a snippet of dialogue. It didn’t have a plot. Plots are very difficult for me.

But then, my brain, poking around for ideas, came across several things it found interesting, mushed them together, and said “Here, could this work?” Those things, in case anyone was wondering, being a Holly Lisle plotting exercise I’d done ages upon ages ago, specifically the phrase “slaying of a kinsman unrecognized”, my panic over thinking I’d lost my class ring a few days ago, and my new school mascot, the lion.

This became a gladiator-slave who doesn’t know her family and whose only possession is a lion’s head ring, who one day kills a man only to discover he has the same ring.

Alright, brain, that’s a start. We’ve got a character, the first ticklings of a world, and an inciting incident. Now we need the rest of the plot.


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