Marvin / Julno Update #4

I’ve started writing a children’s book. It’s about a caterpillar named Marvin who’s in love with a butterfly named Luna. You see, our RA here at Boston has paper and a sharpie on her door so we can leave her notes, and so I’ve been leaving little pictures. With captions. That are developing into a story.
I’m not sure how it’s going to end, though.

If I find the time and/or the energy, I’ll take pictures and post them.

And of course,

L&O: Vampires

Word count: 4,121
Characters introduced: 0

PS As of this post I’m switching all the numbers to new characters – so new characters introduced, new vampires, etc. – because pretty soon these lists are going to get out of hand. I’m working on a new pages, one for each project I’m working on, with word counts, character lists, plot outlines (when I get that far) excerpts, etc. So look forward to that.

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