Hi, I’m alive (despite all evidence to the contrary). Plus, status update.

Look! Two days in a row! Is this the beginning of a new era?

I’d like to think so, but probably not.

Anyway, happy to report that I’m back to writing, working simultaneously on two projects. The fantasy (my nano novel), which has exploded into a blob-like mess of ideas and Things That Have To Happen But Haven’t Yet and is very conducive to procrastinating mightily. Did that sentence make sense? Probably not, sorry, it’s late and I just ate a very large steak for dinner.

Next year I think I will be very fat.

Anyway, the other project is as of yet untitled but I like to refer to it as “Law and Order: Vampires”, which is sort of what it is except no ADAs have made an appearance as of yet.

So a fair amount of writing done although my first chapter, contrary to all laws of the universe, is actually too short and contains no backstory or exposition, barely any description and actually not that much dialog, either. In plain terms it’s short and needs to be expanded…but that’s for a later revision.

This has the potential to be difficult for me because I was always the kid who looked up the answer in the whodunits…but more on that tomorrow. Bedtime.

Status Update: L&O: Vampires

Word count: 1,355
Characters introduced: 5
Characters killed: 1 (she was dead when introduced)
Vampires: 1 (Piper)
Werewolves: 1 (Corrigan)
Humans: 3 (Mallory, rookie, dead girl)

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