I’m Feeling Springy!

Ok. So my one more Brandon Sanderson thing – last one, promise.

He has annotations.

Basically, for each chapter of his books , he goes through and points out the important bits and his favorite lines and what he was thinking when he wrote it or what he was going for…it’s an insight into his process.

Which, of course, completely fascinates me.

 I’m done now, sorry.

Also, the reason why I don’t have to go to school: Senior Spring. The school has officially given up on trying to keep us working and instead allows us to work on projects of our own devising (subject to approval of course). So I will be spending the spring dancing, writing and taking photos, and only occasionally dropping by school. Most excellent.

I didn’t write anything last night so I’ve got to write extra today, but before I go I will just leave you with this:

Because I am feeling springy today!

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