It’s Been a While Since I Read Something This Good

So, no post yesterday but that wasn’t my fault – the internet wasn’t working and then I was at a concert.

Two things happened today: Script Frenzy officially started, yay, and I finished Mistborn (the Brandon Sanderson book I was reading).

Oh my god.

Incredible. I mean, I read Warbreaker and I liked it, but this book is just mindblowingly stunning. First of all, the setting. The premise is good, and the magic system is incredibly inventive and well defined. The plot is interesting and there were several twists I didn’t see coming – actually, there was one in particular that completely blew me out of the water. The characters are fascinating, deep, complex, and well developed.

I’m starting to sound…well I don’t know. But I’m being totally honest – I loved this book. Wow. I’m always reading, but it’s not often I find something that engages me so much. I highly recommend it.

I finished reading, and felt like I was coming up for air.

I will, of course, immediately request the second book from the library.

And now, back to work…have to take care of all the ideas bouncing around my head.

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