Status Update #8 Part 2

I haven’t been writing much – work work work, and also I have lots of rehearsals…in which I seem to always fall down, and usually bruise something. But I digress.

Here’s the rest of the summary from yesterday:

Scene 6 (skipped 5, in which everybody gets to know each other and we see a dragon for the first time. Also, Halle’s horse goes completely psychotic)


Everybody is happily going along down the road, when Aoibhe tells them all to shut up because she hears something. She says it’s bandits, but Teren is skeptical. They get into a bit of an argument, and then Aoibhe saves his life when the bandits shoot an arrow at him and she stops it with her sword. Hey, she’s an elf. She can do that. Then everyone is fighting, Halle gets stabbed in the stomach defending Ithelle, Teren kills that bandit, there’s more fighting, then the fighting is over. They all realize Halle is seriously injured. Aoibhe tries to stop the bleeding but it doesn’t work so well….she does a little magic…decides she really isn’t qualified and rides off with Halle to the nearest town doctor.

And…he dies. Not quite yet, but soon. There isn’t going to be an awful lot of dying in my book – I don’t like it when I read so I won’t write it either. In this case though it is necessary to plot and character development and I do want to get across the point that my world can be dangerous. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Although I like both.

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