Status Update #6

Word Count: 14387 (still behind, but telling myself that that is what the weekends are for)
Current Scene: 4.5 (I had to add one)
Current Chapter: 2
Characters Killed: 0
Characters Going to be Killed: 1
Sentences of Pure Nonsense Written: 1

Summary: Scene 4 introduces Aoibheann (pronounced Aevan in my world…yes I know it’s different in real life but I don’t care. I’ve decided that I like this combination of spelling and pronunciation), an elf (and royal princess) who really wants to see the world. 500 years ago the elves withdrew into their forest and metaphorically slammed the door, because they didn’t want anything to do with those stupid humans and their bloody wars. The leftover magic from the war that caused this, by the way, is part of the reason why Robin and co. are stuck in the clearing that won’t let them leave. So anyway, Aoibhe (Aeva, aka Ava) has decided that, as the next in line for the throne, she should know what else is going on in the world. So she goes, but actually she’s pretty darn nervous because she’s never really left elf-world before and she’s never met a human and has heard that they’re barbaric savages.

Scene 4.5: Aoibhe is happily riding along in the forest when she is suddenly interrupted by the telepathic thoughts of a girl (Ithelle as she is running through the forest). She thinks that it’s very strange to find someone with that much untrained telepathic ability – and dangerous, so she goes after her. She comes upon the clearing where they’re all stuck and decides to listen in for a bit because she’s shy. A shy elf. Geez.

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