Problems of Teleportation

My outline is now officially worked out… I haven’t written down every word of it, but I know what happens in the whole book.

A couple of small details got lost along the way, but nothing too horrendous…and then I realized that a character that was supposed to be in a different city from the others magically appeared back where she came from. Since teleportation is not a feasible explanation, I will have to come up with a fix.

Oh, and a character who is supposed to be pregnant at the end never actually, um, got a chance for that to happen, let’s say. Immaculate conception is not an option either; maybe this outline has more problems then I thought.

Ok, lets say outline, draft 1 is officially completed. I’ll keep working on version 2.0

Also, I’m a bit upset because in talking to my brother, who went to ComicCon, today, I discovered that several major publishers had booths and I missed quite a few interesting panels. Drat.


4 thoughts on “Problems of Teleportation

  1. I wouldn't worry too much about details. In my view, if they aren't particularly important to you as a writer (except for issues of continuity) they they aren't very important to the story. Just add a small explanation without affecting the main plot. Unless you're after more word count, of course đŸ˜‰


  2. I'm always after more word count :).

    I'm not sweating the details, although suddenly appearing in a different city is a big problem…I fixed them in any case, so it doesn't matter!


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