The Upside to Regular Writing

First though: my outline is getting LOOONGGGG. As in, approaching 4 pages and it will probably end up closer to 5. There are scenes that I’m coming up with that I am practically SALIVATING to write. I can’t wait for NaNo!!!

Ok, so upsides to regular fiction writing:
-your writing improves
-your brain recharges on something totally unrelated to your real life
-it becomes easier to write other things.

Like, school things. Like, lab reports and essays (well, I haven’t tried an analytical one yet this year but we’ll see). Now, don’t get me wrong. Working every day on writing the Great American Novel is not going to suddenly make you understand molar ratios. But if you already understand molar ratios, it will make it easier to quickly write a coherent discussion.

Today I wrote my discussion and finished up my lab report in 40 minutes. It was excellent.

So let me introduce you to my good friend Bochok.
BOCHOK: Butt On Chair, Hands On Keyboard. Let’s see some writing!


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